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Our Team

Applied Behavior Therapy For Life’s professional team dedicated to your child’s future….what makes us so special? What makes us so different from any other ABA group?

We have an integrated approach to learning and a multi-skilled team:

  • Our speech-language pathologists are also trained verbal behavior therapists.
  • We incorporate speech, language and behavior goals into the ABA program curriculum. We use Links To Language program along with The Hanen Centre's It Takes Two To Talk which is an intensive approach to learning language. We use Orton-Gillingham for our reading and writing programs.
  • For families coping with difficult behaviors in the home or school, our program focuses on increasing appropriate and preferred behaviors in your child while decreasing inappropriate and problem behaviors your child may be doing.
  • We use Links To Language, Orton-Gillingham and It The Hanen Centre's It Takes Two To Talk approaches to our Applied Behavior Analysis! Our staff is trained to do this!

    • Perri Palermo Director

      Perri K. Palermo, M.A.,CCC-SLP, is the Director of Speech For Life Therapy Center, P.C. Perri graduated from Wayne State University with a Master’s Degree in Communication Disorders in 1999. Perri has been practicing speech and language pathology with all age groups and in a variety of settings, including school based, acute care/hospital based, skilled nursing rehabilitation, home health, Early Childhood Intervention and private practice. Perri has vast experience with Autism Spectrum Disorders and has an avid interest in providing speech/language intervention to the Autism Spectrum population. She has received training in LINKS to Language, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS). Perri also has a child of her own who has Autism.

      Perri realizes that having a fully integrated type of clinical program which includes Applied Verbal Behavior WITH strong speech/language learning techniques is the “link” to generalize and connect the social and functional aspects of verbal communication and make it useful in real life...our child's natural environment. Natural environment is where our children's independence, peer relationships, play skills, confidence and self-esteem form.

      She is licensed to practice in Texas and has a Certificate of Clinical Competence. She is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Texas Speech-Language Hearing Association and the Houston Association for Communication Disorders.

      “Since every child is different, I thoroughly believe in a specialized approach to every child’s treatment plan, ongoing management and direction of that treatment plan. You, the parent, should always know what your child’s goals are and should always know how your child is progressing. I believe in keeping close contact with my families.”

More Professional Leaders

Assistant Clinical Director
Our assistant clinical director earned a bachelor degree in Psychology with a special interest in child psychology. She has been an applied behavior therapist for over 6 years and is currently fulfilling the requirements for Board Certified Behavior Analyst Master's degree. She has extensive experience in working with Autism from ages 2 to 21 years old.

Assistant Clinical Director
Our assistant clinical director earned her Bachelors in Psychology from Trinity University and her Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from University of South Florida. She is a verbal behavior therapist as well. She assists in integrating our Links to Language program into the applied behavior curriculum as well as directly treats patients.

Board Certified Behavior Analysts
A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will develop your child's plan of care, manages your child's therapy through DIRECT supervision and updates and maintains your child's program. Along with our BCBA, our clinical psychologist and clinical director are directly involved in your child's learning program.

Clinical Psychologist
Our clinical psychologist supervises your child's treatment plan and is intimately involved with your child's progress and therapeutic plan of care. He is an excellent resource for our families. Our clinical psychologist understands the basic psychological needs of children and how their families and other social contexts influence emotional adjustment, cognitive development, behavioral adaptation and overall health status of children.
Our clinical psychologist also assesses, diagnoses cognitive, academic, mental and other behavior problems. Neuropsychological and psych educational testing is an essential starting point to directing the most effective and appropriate treatment approach for your child. The earlier your child is tested and diagnosed, the sooner your child's progress can be seen and his/her future broadened.

Board Certified Behavior Analysts
Your child's treatment is directly supervised and all treatment planning is done by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Our BCBA determines goals and oversees your child's treatment plan throughout. She works closely with our founder and clinical director, who is a speech-language pathologist and together with our clinical psychologist.

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