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Traumatic Brain Injury/Stroke Rehab in Houston

  • Dysarthria-slurred speech due to damage of the nervous system.
  • Aphasia- is the loss of the ability to understand or use language.
  • Dysphagia-is difficulty with swallowing liquids and/or foods.


Speech Therapy For Life offers intensive rehabilitation services for speech and language difficulties as a result of neurological injury to the brain. Our Speech-Language Pathologists are experienced and knowledgeable in acute care rehabilitation with all age groups.



  • Comprehensive Evaluations
  • Diagnosis of speech, language, voice, and/or fluency (stuttering) disorders
  • Occupational Therapy for social/emotional, gross/fine motor development, visual/perceptual and sensory difficulties
  • Comprehensive treatment plan
  • Therapy services are provided by licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologists

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