Telehealth Speech Therapy Session

Speech and Language Services in Houston, TX

Now Offered In-Person and via Telehealth

Assessments and speech therapy through a virtual telehealth platform, for a range of treatment needs:

    • Children and early intervention
    • Fluency disorders (like stuttering)
    • Cognitive rehab patients from stroke (adult, adolescent, or geriatric)

Language Development

Language development is the process by which children understand the world around them and communicate their thoughts during early childhood. Language development is important for your child’s overall development, socially and academically. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are all a part of language development.

We Help Children With:

  • Language development
  • Making friends and peer/social skills
  • Processing information a child hears
  • Problem solving skills
  • Cognitive/Executive Functioning Deficits
  • Using augmentative alternative communication (AAC)/assistive communication

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Introducing LINKS to Language

LINKS to Language is a structured and sequenced language learning program that teaches children the prerequisite skills needed to learning receptive and expressive language. LINKS to Language teaches preverbal skills such as increased focus, attention, sustained eye contact, and auditory memory.

The program builds by teaching simple to complex language forms in a systematic and logical way in which children learn on a developmental continuum which makes language learning much easier. The program also uses correction-based practice, so a child never exercises error or frustration when learning. This method is excellent for a child’s confidence and self-esteem.