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Introducing "LINKS to Language"

Links to language is a structured and sequenced language learning program that teaches children the prerequisite skills needed to learning receptive and expressive language. LINKS to language teaches preverbal skills such as increased focus, attention, sustained eye contact, and auditory memory.

The program builds by teaching simple to complex language forms in a systematic and logical way in which children learn on a developmental continuum which makes language learning much easier. The program also uses correction-based practice, so a child never exercises error or frustration when learning. This method is excellent for a child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Unique Services

With more than thirty years of scientific research has shown that physician prescribed hours of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy work for children with Autism. Principles of ABA are used in our mock classroom clinical approach and in our speech therapy, provided by Speech For Life Therapy Center, P.C.

Our mock classroom approach focuses on teaching pre-academic and social skills that support a smooth transition into higher level education.

ABA Therapy For Life encourages parent involvement in their children’s ABA therapy. Our open door invitation supports parents’ needs to be a part of their child’s learning.

Parent trainings and parent workshops use hands-on teaching approaches to support parents in learning how to teach their children.

Jump Start is the first and only program in the Texas region to provide a fully integrated applied verbal behavior program (AVB) with LINKS to Language speech therapy approach. This combination of speech therapy along with applied verbal behavior is a powerful and logically structured way to teach children social communication.